Floors: terracotta tiles and tomettes

Timeless, long-lasting and a contributor to the smooth functioning of your house, terracotta is a major asset when combined with underfloor heating solutions. Obtain great user comfort and make the very most of contemporary flooring in traditional or ultra-modern colours. Tomette tiles, whether hexagonal or in a variety of other shapes, are available in various tones from very light to very dark.

Of course, it is important to take good care of them and to use appropriate products for cleaning and maintaining tomette tiles.


Terracotta wall tiles

In harmony with flooring, walls can also provide various terracotta tones, offering various amounts of relief and depth to your rooms. The perfect way to bring warmth to kitchens and bathrooms, terracotta wall tiles come in a wide range of colours to meet every preference.


External landscaping

External terracotta tiling is ideal for a modern, welcoming terrace, harmonious avenues or paving stones running along or across a green space. Terracotta can also be used for less typical projects with low-wall or Mashrabiya bricks, swimming pool surrounds or custom-designed screen walls.


ETI facades

Always keen to offer professionals high-quality products for use in everything from the most avant-garde architectural designs to traditional building projects, Rairies Montrieux boasts a wide range of solutions (e.g. facing slips, terracotta bricks, glazed bricks, cladding, small bricks) for authentic and modern facades providing impeccable external thermal insulation.