Terracotta, the material of choice for landscapers

Outdoor tiling, paving stones and terracotta tiles: reinvent gardens!

Integrated into the house, the garden is conceived as a new living room. Lawns, flowerbeds, paths, terraces,... now play with the integration of natural materials to respect the environment.


Like a return to the roots, terracotta blends perfectly into the outdoor landscape.


A beautiful garden often depends on the choice of plants and furniture, but also on the way in which you are going to stage it. A wide range of products is available to embellish every corner: borders for lawns or flowerbeds, facing plates to dress facades and low walls, wall tops, pool coping, moucharabieh bricks, claustras to keep your garden a secret.


Terracotta is the ecological material par excellence for outdoor tiling and terrace paving. Throughout its life cycle, terracotta has the property of not deteriorating the materials with which it comes into contact.

Terrace and parking
Solar colours, natural grain, irregular skin, terrace floor tiles offer a choice of shades and formats ideal for innovation or renovation!Emblematic of the Rairies Montrieux brand, terracotta floor tiles are perfect for covering a terrace. Very aesthetic, terracotta will add a certain cachet to an outdoor floor.By its resistance, this ecological material will give a timeless look to the outside
Landscaped garden
Beautify an alley with curbs,Sowing Japanese steps to create a path,Create a secret garden with claustras,Surround a pool with our coping stones,Dress a low wall with plates and wall tops,Protect your plantations with mulch,Parking vehicles on cobblestones, ...So many elements of outdoor landscaping in terracotta that will allow you to landscape a garden with taste!