Glazed brick

Glazing: become a master of colour

As an ancient tradition, invented some 4000 years ago, glazed brick enjoys unrivalled production expertise and modernity at Rairies Montrieux. The new effects employed can be subtle, delicate or powerful, the colours brimming with energy and the range of possibilities almost limitless. A collection suitable for the most daring ideas… including yours!

Enamel glaze is a soft material composed of several minerals, applied cold to a pre-fired piece, then placed in the kiln to set and solidify.

Rairies Montrieux, as an initiator of new, is supported by its skilled teams for completion of your most colourful projects, offering a custom response to your inventive ideas.


Diversity and originality of formats

Rich power of expression for an ultra-luminous result.
A selection of 100% natural and environmentally friendly clays, oxides and glazes.
A wide variety of shapes to unleash your creativity: square, hexagonal or custom-designed.
Protection against staining and lack of maintenance.
Three finishes: glazed in glossy or matt colours, vitrified for a transparent effect, metallised for a bright rendering, plus a range of 200 colours and RAL references on demand.