Metallic glazing

The double light effect

Absorbing and reproducing light, metallic reflections produce a random shimmer while delightfully underpinning the desired sense of style.


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Plaquette hirondelle Legend

Standard format 220 x 54 x 12 mm

Angles 220 x 54 x 50 x 12 or 220 x 54 x 105 x 12 mm 

Other formats: see table below


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The colours are given on the site for information only and may vary. 
Reference document for implementation: NF DTU 2.2 Building works - Glue-down installation of ceramic and similar coatings - Natural stone - December 2009 (amended October 2014) 
Reference document Standards for facing plates: NF 13 307 Terracotta wall tiles - July 1995