Shaped bricks

Triangular, mashrabiya, pointed, wrinkled bricks, and more… Shaped bricks bring relief to facades, providing breaks, repetition or harmony as desired. Shaped bricks can be used to create designs with a truly unique feel.


Consult the colour charts below:


Colours Glazing

"Rouge4 brillant.tif"

Transparent Glazing


Metallic Glazing

or 3

Smooth Natural Glazing


Natural Colisée Glazing

"Montvert13 colsiée.tif"

 Natural Terracotta



We develop shapes and colours to order. Contact us.

Here are a few examples of shapes…






Emmanuelle Colboc - bench brick
Shaped bricks
Mashrabiya angle brick

Collège Desnos Orly - Architect: Emmanuelle Colboc

Glazed bricks, custom designed for making benches.

Designer: Emmanuelle Colboc


For any special requests:

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The colours are given on the site for information only and may vary. 
Reference document for implementation: NF DTU 2.2 Building works - Glue-down installation of ceramic and similar coatings - Natural stone - December 2009 (amended October 2014) 
Reference document Standards for facing plates: NF 13 307 Terracotta wall tiles - July 1995




  • Collège Desnos Orly - Architect: Emannuelle Clboc
  • Briques Hirondelles métallisées (metallic swallow bricks)