With a combination of know-how and creativity, Rairies Montrieux keeps the flame alive

Les Rairies terracotta: a timeless yet evolving material

rairies-montrieux-environnementSituated on the strategic Loire Valley route, the village of Les Rairies is one of the oldest terracotta production sites in France. While the village had no fewer than 61 brickmakers and potteries in 1867, Rairies Montrieux is today one of the last producers operating at a national level to make use of clay mined from the open-cast quarries of Anjou.

As a worthy heir to the traditions of terracotta, Rairies Montrieux has founded its professionalism and creativity on facing-brick know-how stretching back more than seven generations. Real dedication and 100% French sourcing are backed by genuine expertise in the provision of advice, support and future-proof solutions in addition to industrial proficiency.


A benchmark for terracotta facade cladding and bricks

Renowned for its many different products, including terracotta tomettes, wall tiles and external landscaping products, Rairies Montrieux extended its expertise some years ago to include the field of facades. As seen in its Paris showroom, the company offers the most comprehensive range of cladding solutions using bricks, brick slips and small bricks, whether it be for architectural options (e.g. textures, shapes, formats, colours and finishes) or fitting systems (e.g. bonded elements, weatherboarding and slot-in cladding).

Our website invites you to discover, through some past key projects, the numerous architectural possibilities terracotta can offer you today. A new source of inspiration for architects, builders and all those who love terracotta.

Why choose our terracotta?

While many materials boast some of the properties of terracotta, few are able to combine all its special qualities.


  • Natural, healthy and free from pollutants
  • Environmentally friendly and long lasting
  • Fire resistant. M0
  • Contributes greatly to insulation and comfort in summer
  • Low cost of maintenance
  • Easy to fit