Terracotta bricks

Brick: an array of nuances, formats and surfaces matched only by your imagination. Rairies Montrieux offers you a complete range of natural terracotta cladding bricks in a wide selection of colours, finishes and formats for all your architectural projects.


Brick: an array of nuances matched only by your imagination

Rairies Montrieux offers you a complete range of terracotta cladding bricks in natural tones or a wide selection of colours, ideal for all your architectural projects Discover the various projects completed using cladding slips or bricks at our showrooms in Paris and Les Rairies.

Cladding brick qualities:

  • Range of traditional and contemporary colours
  • Diversity of formats
  • Frost-resistant
  • Long-lasting, ecological, healthy and maintenance-free
  • Can be used in cavity walls for external thermal insulation
  • M0 fire resistance


External thermal insulation (ETI principle) using bricks in cavity walls

Double wall or cavity wall principle: The double wall combines a wall of exposed bricks of 9 cm minimum with a load-bearing wall made of shuttered concrete of at least 10 cm or masonry (brick or agglomerate) of at least 15 cm. Thermal insulation is provided by rigid or semi-rigid, non-hydrophilic insulating panels.