The “mashrabiya” terracotta brick has now found its place in contemporary architecture, enabling the creation of openwork spaces alternating with full brick walls. This approach breaks up the monotony of the building and contributes to project singularity. It has just enough transparency to see through.

moucharabieh orange


Consult the colour charts below :


Colours Glazing

"Rouge4 brillant.tif"

Transparent Glazing


Metallic Glazing

or 3

Smooth Natural Glazing


Natural Colisée Glazing

"Montvert13 colsiée.tif"

 Natural terracotta



Bricks can be glazed in over 200 colours similar to RAL in matt, gloss or engobe finish on one, two or three sides.


Implementation: Mashrabiya bricks can be deployed with or without reinforcement steel or dry, threaded into stainless-steel or galvanised tubes. Implementation should be in accordance with DTU 20.1 specifications

Mashrabiya bricks can be combined with perforated bricks and facing slips.