Make the interior a unique space

Are you an interior designer: architect or interior decorator? Discover our range of facing tiles, wall tiles, floor tiles, …
The quality of our french manufacture, our wide range of products ans colors and our technical support will enable you to personnalise your interior design, renovation, commercial architecture and makeover projects!
To transform an interior wall, ou range will inspire you: New York style, vintage atmosphere, wall with trendy colors, chic rustic decoration, …Whether for a section of wall, a kitchen credenza, or an entire room, our plates and tiles will satisfy every desire for personazlization.
Interior wall tiles
Applied to the kitchen and bathroom, the design of glazed ceramic tiles is based on the same know-how as floor tiles, traditional cooking and "biscuit" material combined with the skill of the glaziers, with a wide choice of colours.Discover through the Colours, Cristallines and Charme series a wide palette where you can dip the brush of your imagination.
Interios brick slips
To bring naturalness or on the contrary a touch of colour to an interior, choose the terracotta facing plate!Play originality by imagining a staggered, vertical pose or with inclusions. The multiple Rairies Montrieux ranges will allow you to unleash your creativity and compose an unusual wall.
Floor tiles
Choosing terracotta is more than just choosing a terracotta or tiled kitchen or bathroom floor, it is marrying tradition, security of investment, comfort of use and a way of expressing one's art of living for oneself and for future generations.a product of tradition.Terracotta is also a contemporary product, in the same way as wood and stone.Always acclaimed for their rustic