Know-how applicable to any kind of restoration project


Traditional tomette tiles: restoration in the style of 100 years ago

Rairies Montrieux applies its know-how to the renovation of historic monuments and traditional tiling, drawing on the experience it has acquired over many generations. Reused on prestigious sites where they have held price of place for centuries, Rairies Montrieux tiles, tomettes and bricks are highly prized for work on historic monuments. Its production, which draws on artisanal methods, meets all the requirements of architects involved in heritage restoration. Clay and glazing are custom worked for identical reproduction of original pieces.

From clay to terracotta

The traditional artisanal manufacturing process has been preserved in order to transform the clay into magnificent terracotta tiles for your facades, floors and exteriors. After skilled manual processing, the terracotta bricks are fire retardant, porous, frost resistant, and permanently stable in terms of their shape.

Once cooled, the terracotta tiles are ready for storage and delivery to sites. The entire manufacturing process is environmentally friendly: terracotta is a 100% natural material and Rairies Montrieux is committed to protecting natural resources, recycling wastewater and reducing fossil energy use.

floor tiles pour restoration
Tiles and floor tiles are history. As one of the oldest building materials, they are found in many old buildings. Rairies Montrieux works by your side to restore an old place, change the floors and give them a new life.
Brick slips for monuments
We work closely with our customers to respect the buildings as much as possible. Thus, dimensions and glazing are studied to reproduce the existing wall. Rairies Montrieux offers a wide range of terracotta brick slips: natural, flamed, glazed, engobed and in several material effects: smooth, colored and torn.
Restoration bricks
Reused on prestigious sites where they held pride of place for several centuries, these bricks are once again highly prized for use in historic monument restoration projects. They are produced to meet the requirements of head architects for historic monuments, heritage architects, and conservation stakeholders.