ETI facades


A facing brick for every occasion


The trend of using natural materials, the development of bioclimatic spaces and the framework of new environmental constraints have propelled the brick to the forefront of the architectural scene.

Bricks are one of the oldest construction materials created by man. The buildings in Uruk, one of the world’s first cities located in Mesopotamia and founded almost six thousand years ago, were made of brick. Today the aesthetics, functionality and modernity of the material are widely recognised, and it is used by leading architects.

Always popular for their natural tones, today’s bricks come in a variety of colours allowing them to meet designer needs and make their mark on the architectural scene. Yes, the glazed brick has now arrived in style, reinventing our surroundings.

Thanks to its expertise as a glazer, Rairies Montrieux offers you a wide range of creative solutions using engobe or glazed terracotta and provides custom responses for all special projects.

Glazed facing slips
For contemporary architecture, colour has become an essential element. It is through the use of colour that architecture can reveal a building's proportions, making it a vital design asset. From the most subtle to the most dazzling, the choice is infinite. Glazed cladding slipsA palette which opens up an array of possibilities… As a trendsetter, Rairies Montrieux is supported by a
Terracotta facing slips
Being at the forefront of trends comes naturally to us.  Rairies Montrieux has taken inspiration from nature to design the contemporary tones of its slips. The aim, above all, is to blend harmoniously into the surrounding environment. In addition to the modern colours and traditional tones of nuanced or flamed terracotta, Rairies Montrieux offers a lively range of formats and
Coste Profile
Rairies Montrieux has reimagined claddings with the Coste Profile:  a perfectly sized slip with a relief pattern and clean lines, combining delightfully with the smooth cladding slip to lend unique visual expression to architectural creations.
Facade tiles
Diversity and originality of formats: square, hexagonal, rectangular, triangular. Tiles are a new alternative to cladding slips or bricks. Tiles enable many different graphic styles and can be used to decorate façades with real imagination.
Glazed brick
Glazing: become a master of colourAs an ancient tradition, invented some 4000 years ago, glazed brick enjoys unrivalled production expertise and modernity at Rairies Montrieux. The new effects employed can be subtle, delicate or powerful, the colours brimming with energy and the range of possibilities almost limitless. A collection suitable for the most daring ideas… including yours!Enamel glaze is a soft
Terracotta bricks
Brick: an array of nuances, formats and surfaces matched only by your imagination. Rairies Montrieux offers you a complete range of natural terracotta cladding bricks in a wide selection of colours, finishes and formats for all your architectural projects. Brick: an array of nuances matched only by your imaginationRairies Montrieux offers you a complete range of terracotta cladding bricks in natural tones or
Mashrabiya bricks
The primary function of the mashrabiya was to see without being seen, to regulate the air flow, and protect oneself from the sun. The ''mashrabiya'' terracotta brick has now found its place in contemporary architecture, enabling the creation of openwork spaces. This use breaks up the monotony of the building and helps make façades more original.Its nuances range from light
Shaped bricks
Shaped bricks bring relief to all your façades. Graphic, linear, pointed or rounded… shaped bricks meet the desire for distinctive character, whatever the setting.
Restoration bricks
Reused on prestigious sites where they held pride of place for several centuries, these bricks are once again highly prized for use in historic monument restoration projects. They are produced to meet the requirements of head architects for historic monuments, heritage architects, and conservation stakeholders.