A brickmaker of real character

Manufacturer of terracotta brick slips

Rairies Montrieux mines and fashions the earth used to make its tiles in the Loire Valley, the cradle of French arts and elegance. Its know-how has been recognised for seven generations and prized by architects, craftsmen and builders.

Rairies Montrieux terracotta reflects all the character of nobly sourced earth: raw clay mined from the open-cast quarries of Anjou is used to produce the famous tiles, ceramics and bricks which are so popular all around the world.



The mark of an authentic brickmaker

With their exceptionally fine appearance, the terracotta products of the Rairies Montrieux brickyard are indistinguishable from the tiles which have adorned the châteaux of the Loire Valley for 600 years. It is an incomparable brand for which the public has developed an appreciation, attracted by its natural and authentic coating solutions. Inspired by this "back to basics" trend, interior designers, architects and craftsmen have all known where to turn, recognising in the output of Rairies Montrieux a worthy heir to the proud traditions of terracotta. A benchmark in the field, an exceptional and highly skilled brickmaker.

Situated on the strategic Loire Valley route, the little village of Les Rairies is considered to be one of the oldest terracotta production sites in France. A text from 1465 tells us that King René used "good tiles, bricks and roof tiles from Les Rairies". This success originates in the local environment: a clay-rich subsoil whose exceptional purity of grain is greatly appreciated by manufacturers. In 1867, there were no fewer than 61 brickyards and potteries here in a locality with barely 700 residents.

Brickyard certified as a Living Heritage Company

The Living Heritage Company label is a mark of recognition from the state, designed to highlight French companies offering excellent artisanal and industrial know-how.

The Living Heritage Company label can be assigned to any company which holds a heritage asset, particularly where this comprises rare, renowned or long-standing know-how based on a mastery of traditional or highly sophisticated techniques and limited to a specific locality. It was established in May 2006.

This label is awarded by the Minister of the Economy, Industry and Digital Technology alongside the Secretary of State for Trade, Crafts, Consumer Affairs and the Social and Solidarity Economy.

Know-how in the production of quality bricks

Seven generations have succeeded each other over the years in the Rairies Montrieux brickyard. Since its foundation, the company has continuously evolved to provide its customers with a high-quality range of bricks, brick slips and tomette tiles made from terracotta. Located in the Loire Valley, the village of Les Rairies is one of the oldest production sites of terracotta, tomette tiles and bricks. Rairies Montrieux still mines open-cast clay quarries.